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 Portland Roadster Show



  • No director/rep or council member (Director/Rep or council members shall be referenced to as MHRC
    members) shall commit any offense or serious misconduct pertaining to property and/or funds of Multnomah Hot Rod Council (MHRC) or Portland Roadster Show (PRS).
  • Any MHRC members shall conduct him or herself in a professional manner wearing any council apparel or logo representing MHRC or PRS in the community.
  • Any MHRC member that uses inappropriate language will not be acceptable at any MHRC meeting or function. Respect is a value of MHRC and any attitude not representing MHRC’s values toward the organization or a council member will not be tolerated.
  • MHRC members or council members must act in good faith and in a manner that is in the best interest of the council.
  • Any MHRC member that holds a position of trust shall not create a conflict of interest relating to any personal or business transaction nor use their position to further their own private interests, or the interests of other individuals where they might receive some benefit. If you conclude there is a conflict of interest, the MHRC members must either relinquish the outside interest/activity or his/her position with the council.

    • Example: An MHRC member is in a position to influence the business/operations or sponsor or vendor. As a result, the MHRC member needs to fully disclose to the council all financial, proprietary or other type of
      controlling or influencing interest towards the sponsor/vendor, which the MHRC members may have personal gain with respect to the sponsor or vendor.
  • All MHRC members should be knowledgeable in the responsibilities they perform in accordance with our state laws, federal non-profit corporation law, the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.
  • Any MHRC members who have knowledge of MHRC or PRS confidential information have an obligation tokeep confidential information protected. Information may only be shared with another director, officer, or the council’s lawyers or accountants. Breach of confidentiality may result in liability for the individual director and may result in disciplinary action by the board.
  • No MHRC member shall influence voting rights of another MHRC Member(s) or alternate Representatives.
  • MHRC members are responsible for the accuracy, completeness of MHRC documentation and submit documentation in a timely manner. Filling of the required forms including appropriate backup documentation for receiving reimbursements, advancement of funds, or credit card purchases for MHRC or PRS purposes.
  • MHRC Members should be knowledgeable of MHRC’s record retention guidelines and adhere to them in all aspects of their MHRC activities and internal operations.
  • MHRC Members should be knowledgeable of MHRC’s historical property guidelines and follow these guidelines in the best interest of MHRC.


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